“Bespoke illustrations and artworks to make your special memories last a lifetime.”

All of the Isabel Fishlock's bone china is made by hand in Stoke-on-Trent, England, where Josiah Spode first perfected the formula for this quintessentially British material over two centuries ago. Isabel is trained as an artist and designer and each illustration is hand painted and drawn up by the artist herself. Using a combination of watercolour and traditional pen and Indian inks. They are then screen printed and applied by hand to each ceramic piece by specialist artisans. Every piece is made and loved in the U.K, in small batches.  

The Mythical Bee collection contain six different types of bee, all placed slightly differently on each ceramic piece. This allows each piece to be 100% individual. A perfection in the imperfection. 

Where metals are applied they are often hand painted, with either real platinum or 22kt gold, to add to the luxury that each piece holds. Precision , individuality and a creative talent all end up in exquisite individual piece that will last for many decades to come.

Why choose bone china?

Bone china in comparison to porcelain or earthenware is, in my opinion far superior. It is Translucent with a fine composition, it gives a more delicate appearance, but offers more durability than porcelain , it is lighter in weight than porcelain and has a slightly warmer tone to it; often described as “snow white”. It is delicate , beautiful and a pleasure to touch.