“Bespoke illustrations and artworks to make your special memories last a lifetime.”



Let's paint that wall!  ..........or table , or ceiling ! 


If you are keen to commission a mural these are the steps .....

I will usually come and visit the site and talk to you about what you might like, what colours would fit the space and what kind of design would look good. If you haven't a clue we can have a quick chat and I can go home and mock up a couple of designs using photographs of your space as a template, or we can chat over any ideas you have seen and liked.

Only when you're happy with an illustration I mock up for you then we can get going.

I pride myself on being neat and tidy and creating minimal fuss for you. I use wall paint and then when completed I seal it with a very thin layer of wax. This means the mural will stand up to the test of time. If you want the mural to be slightly muted then I am happy to put a very thin wash over the top to tone it down, this can all be discussed.



I charge a day fee for each mural at £265. Included in this cost is the initial consultation, illustrated mock ups if necessary and all my materials. 

The murals on this website took about a day to paint, so that gives you an idea of what sort of scale you can get for a days work!



                                                                             It's all a blank canvas, so the options are unlimited.


                                                                                           I look forward to working with you