“Bespoke illustrations and artworks to make your special memories last a lifetime.”


I usually paint from photographs, but I am always happy to discuss other options. Please see below for the important details for choosing the right photo(s).

I work by making a series of sketches and paintings of your chosen image. I layer them all up, creating an artwork that is both vivid and delicate.

At this stage, I will email you a picture of the painting, asking if you are happy with it, or would you like any changes. I then send the piece to be Glicee printed and then to the framers. 

I shall be in touch when the painting is finished, and ready for collection. The process usually takes about three weeks.




1.           Please email me the image you would like me to draw with your name in the subject title. Photos need to be good quality and with enough detail for me to paint from.  If you only have a low quality photo, I will flag this up and we can work together to make it as special as possible.


2.           Let me know at the start if you would like any writing or text under the image.  Sometimes the date or name of the place looks quite lovely. Please email this at the same time you send me the photo.


3.           Please let me know what size you would like. All frames are plain white a white mount, they are lovely and simple.


Image size is A4. With the frame and mount, the painting is just larger than A3.


Mount opening is about A3 in size and the frame is roughly a large advent calendar size.\



Do you handle the framing too?

Illustrations come framed and mounted as standard. If you'd rather frame it yourself please let me know. Similarly, if you would like me to source a more bespoke frame, double or coloured mounts, please let me know. I have a wonderful framer I work with. 

Do you send me the painting or do I have to collect it from your studio?

I am happy with either. My studio is in West London and we can easily sort a good time out for collection.



Thank you, I very much look forward to working with you.